Premium WordPress hosting with no compromises.

Seguru was born from our frustrations as marketing and design agency owners with the current premium WordPress hosting options either not providing the performance required, or not offering value for the premium prices charged.

Starting from a wishlist of requirements based on what our clients and ourselves needed, we went looking to see if an existing company offering something close at an affordable price. After months of looking and not finding the solution, we decided to put our heads together and create it ourselves. Seguru is the result of the experience we’ve gained over decades working with performance-driven WordPress and WooCommerce sites.

We provide the SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) market with true premium managed hosting solutions for WordPress and WordPress + WooCommerce powered websites that focus on performance, rock-solid security, high availability, multi-tiered backups and business continuity.

Does your WordPress website play a significant role in your business or organisation? If yes, then Seguru may just be for you!

What Seguru Provides


The fastest servers and tech stacks available, located as close as possible to your primary market(s) combined with onsite performance optimization from our WordPress gurus.

Rock-solid Security

Each day the average website is under repeated opportunistic bot brute force and security vulnerability attacks. Not to mention focused DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) and ransomware attacks. We provide DDos mitigation, firewalls and hardened servers with Fail2Ban, malware detection and AV, per site isolation of processes and more.

High Availability

For sites that need to stay available with the shortest downtime in the unlikely event of a primary server outage, we offer website failover protection at different geographic locations and with alternate providers. Note that this is included on some plans and optional on others.

Multi-tiered Backups

Most hosting companies provide site backups on the same server as the live site. These are good for minor issues, usually, errors that happen during updates or user errors. Potentially they will then provide server-level backups in another location.

With Seguru, we start at two backups daily to separate locations in addition to the on-server backup and can go all the way to hourly backups across multiple cloud storage providers and even air-gapped offline backups for extra protection.

Business Continuity & Peace of Mind

If a slow website or site downtime isn’t an option. If you’re sick of having to stay on top of WordPress core and plugin updates or worried about your site’s security and customer data, then Seguru could be worthwhile for your business or organisation. We’ve experienced the frustrations and believe our solution provides real value - we’d love to chat with you.