$39.00 / month


This plan is designed for the user that is looking to keep their website fast and secure but doesn't currently see high volumes of concurrent traffic. We have geared up this package to allow you to have approximately 14 simultaneous users on the site at any one time¹ and 0.25TB of monthly bandwidth. We are also running on both an on server and cloud-based backup every day both are retained for 30 days.

This Single Site Plan Includes

  • Enterprise-grade N+1 Contingency Cloud Servers
  • WordPress Core & Plugin Updates - Manual Updates & Review
  • Advanced WordPress Performance Optimisation
  • Image Optimisation with Backups of Originals
  • Multi-level Backup Options³ - Server Level, Cloud Backup
  • Failover Protection - Included on M Plans & Above, Optional on S
  • Cloudflare DNS with DDoS mitigation and DNSSEC
  • Strong Firewalls & Hardened Server Configs including Fail2Ban
  • Malware Detection and AV
  • SSL & SSH
  • Uptime, Performance, SSL & Domain Registration Monitoring
  • Geographically Optimised Servers
  • Carbon-Neutral with Fully Co2 Offset Hosting

¹Concurrent users calculated using: # CPU Cores / Server Request Time (0.4 seconds) * 60 (seconds) * 0.75 (user clicking to a new page every 45 seconds) and is provided as a guide only. There are many factors that can determine the maximum number of users that can be supported, including if the site is serving mainly static content (brochure site, blog or organisation) or is dynamically processing requests (eCommerce or LMS). ²Failover coverage varies depending on the specific plan from one sync every 24 hours to hourly. ³Backup frequency and retention vary depending on plan, more specific backup needs (higher frequency, archival or air-gapped) can be accommodated.

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