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Fast, secure, reliable WordPress and WooCommerce powered sites

If your Wordpress website or WooCommerce shop is the core of your business - your web hosting shouldn’t be an afterthought.
Yet many companies with million-dollar turnovers don’t have a backup system or security measures in place.
At Seguru, we work with SME, e-commerce, publishing and non-profit markets to focus on true premium managed hosting solutions, including performance, rock-solid security, resiliency, multi-tiered backups and business continuity.

Level up your WordPress site

Right now, there are three main issues threatening your online success - and you may not even realise:

1. Website Speed - Is your site loading in less than 2 seconds?

47% of customers expect a site to load in 2 seconds, and 40% will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

If your website is slow, your customers will simply leave and find your competitors.

At Seguru, our clients' sites sit on page one of Google and load within 1-2 seconds.

2. Online Performance - How many customers are you unknowingly losing every day?

The backend of a website is where the magic happens, and an optimised website will outperform, outrank and outlast its competitors.

Here’s the thing, if an e-commerce site is making $100,000 a day, a one-second page delay could potentially cost $2.5 million in lost sales every year.

A high-performing website means fewer abandoned carts, faster page response times, better search engine rankings, more traffic, increased sales, repeat business, and loyal and happy customers.

3. Security Threats - If your website goes down, will it affect your business?

Every day we repel between 100-200 security hacking attempts on our client’s websites - and as many as 40,000 attempts in an hour when bot brute force is involved.

At Seguru, we offer rock-solid security, and we’re constantly monitoring our client’s websites to keep them safe and secure.

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Seguru … more than just hosting

You could easily spend up to $2000 on a new phone with a 24-month payment plan and not even flinch. Afterall, it’s an essential business item.

But so is a reliable website that’s secure!

Investing in premium managed hosting is essential for growth whether you are an SME, e-commerce store, online publisher and non-profit organisation.

Power your site with our superior web solutions:

  • Managed premium WordPress hosting and the fastest servers and tech stacks available
  • Optimisation for onsite performance from our WordPress and WooCommerce gurus
  • Data storage in multiple locations with multi-tiered backups
  • Specialised web development and strategic direction and advice
  • Rock-solid security with DDoS mitigation, firewalls and hardened servers with Fail2Ban, malware detection and AV
  • Growth hacking strategies for scalability

This is what hosting should be!

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We’re not your average web hosting company

Born out of frustration with the current premium WordPress hosting options not providing the promised performance or value for their premium prices, founders Samuel Clarke and Cameron Gilroy created Seguru - it’s what hosting should be.Our goal is to support your growth online by providing class-leading WordPress solutions, including strategy, consulting and hosting. From hundreds of visitors a month to millions, we have the experience to ensure your website will grow and scale in line with your brand or organisation.
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Does your WordPress website play a significant role in your business or organisation?

Yes? Then Seguru may just be for you.

If a slow website or site downtime isn’t an option;

If you’re sick of having to stay on top of WordPress, WooCommerce and plugin updates; and

If you’re worried about your site’s security and customer data … Seguru may be your answer.

We’ve been in your shoes and know the frustrations of running a Wordpress or WooCommerce site. We believe our solution provides real value, and we’d love to chat with you.

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